Situated in the north- east Africa, Libya extends from 19 to 33 north latitude, And from 9 to 25 longitude. It is boarded to the east by   Egypt and Sudan, to the south by Tchad and Niger, to the west by Algeria and Tunisia, and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea.

 It covers an area about 1.7750 Square meters, which is equivalent to the area of Germany, France, Netherlands and Scandinavia together, this makes it the fourth largest African country.  

Libya offers many and interesting scenery:

Sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea, fertile agricultural plains, rocky Plateaus of the Hammadas & the huge stretches of desert and the green oasis such as  Ghat, Ghadames, Koufra ,etc......                                                                                      

The southern part of Libya is predominantly a desert climate:  Very hot and dry, but the coastal zones benefits from a Mediterranean  climate


         Libya although very close to Europe, is also the door of Africa with its welcoming hospitality and tolerance.  


         The official language is Arabic ,also English & Italian are very widespread.


       Libyan Dinar is divided into 1000 Dirhams.

       It is possible to change currency at banks at the air port and in town, as well as in hotels.

      The exchange rate is the same in all exchanges offices.


         No vaccinations are required.


      The libyan cooking is generally spicy and prepared with olive oil.

      Lamb, "couscous" and "bazine" figure among the most famous; not

     forgetting the delicious oriental pastries and the mint tea with pinion

     Nevertheless, international cooking is available in all libyan hotels

     and restaurants.        





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